Assistant Counselor/Instructor Day Camp

Qualifications – Minimum requirements:

  • College experience; minimum age of 18, preference is given to 21 and over;
  • STEAM background
  • Exceptions will be made for high school graduates by the Camp Director
  • Enthusiasm and ability to work well with children; one year of experience working with the same age group where you will live is a must
  • Ability to work well with others and to pitch in when others need help – be a team player
  • Ability to act as a role model, to instill a positive self-image in others
  • Ability to connect others to the world, to make them feel that they belong
  • Ability to accept and respond to supervision and guidance
  • Willingness to assist in teaching activities; a desire to learn is a huge plus
  • Good moral character: motivated, responsible, flexible, trustworthy, selfless
  • Sense of humor, creativity, patience, and self-control; amazing work ethic is a must
  • Non-smoker (smoking is not permitted on campgrounds)
  • CPR/First Aid/Lifeguard/other certifications a plus

Immediate Supervisor/Responsible To:

  • Division Leader

General Responsibilities:

  • Learn to understand our campers and their needs, meet these needs at all levels
  • Assist in Preparing projects for campers
  • Assist instructor in delivering hands-on STEM projects
  • Motivate campers to participate in all aspects of the camp program; model this yourself
  • Help campers adjust to camp life and to each other; emphasize respect for self and others
  • Be aware of camper fears and hopes; help campers to leave their comfort zones (to extend themselves) and to take healthy risks (trying when they’re not sure they’ll succeed)
  • Always be supportive and encouraging for your campers and your co-counselors
  • Earn respect from campers and co-workers such that you become a positive role model
  • Maintain and improve the health, safety, and well-being of your suite group; keep your mind open for strange behavior, your eyes open for unsafe areas in camp, and your ears open to what campers are saying and how they are feeling
  • Serve as a chaperone on field trips
  • Assist campers in developing an appreciation of the natural world around us
  • Complete assigned administrative duties
  • Continue to learn and try new things throughout the summer

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Write introductory letters to campers, as directed, at the beginning of each session
  • Follow and enforce all camp rules and policies
  • Ensure that campers are never left alone – they should always be accompanied by a counselor; if 8th grade they can travel in pairs if you can see where they are going
  • Remain with your group at all times unless otherwise instructed
  • Participate in all assigned activities with your campers – these activities may include, but are not limited to, room clean-up, projects set up, and trips
  • Motivate campers to enthusiastically participate in camp activities; play with your campers
  • Encourage campers to participate fully in special events; they can also create their own
  • Assist with leading daily Options activities; be creative – lead your own ideas
  • Help campers with their choices; they may need your guidance to make a good decision
  • At least weekly, learn one new thing about each camper in your group
  • Ensure each camper has at least one friend within your floor
  • Know when your campers have gone to the Health Center; share this with your supervisor
  • Provide your Division Leader with regular written feedback on each camper in your group
  • Attend all staff meetings called by your Division Leader or Camp Directors
  • Meet weekly with your supervisor to discuss areas for growth; this is a two-way conversation
  • Write final evaluation reports at the end of each session
  • A weekly survey of parents and campers
  • Other duties as assigned at the discretion of the Camp Directors; this may include supervising a Leadership Trainee within your group– this will be discussed at Orientation

Essential Functions:

  • Ability to effectively communicate with campers and other staff
  • Commitment to camper physical and emotional safety. Commitment to fellow staff members
  • Visual and hearing ability to identify and respond to dangers or emergencies
  • Ability to assist in various activity areas
  • Experience with LEGO is a plus
  • Ability to sewing is a plus
  • Knowledge of electricity a plus
  • Students in Mechanical or Electrical engineering and Arts a plus
  • Education major a plus
  • Physical ability to respond to situations requiring first aid or other rapid attention
  • Physical strength, endurance, and patience to maintain constant supervision of campers

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