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Yemele A., Camden

Board of Education

“The program is outstanding!!! At the Camden Board of Education, we held the program at four independent sites. (One in each area of the city.) The program was such a success this summer that we are working on trying to expand it district wide during the next couple of months.”

Cathy M.

“My son, Michael, has been having such a wonderful experience these past two weeks at the camp in Blackwood. So much so that he is asking if it’s possible to add another week. He isn’t ready for it to be over. Is it possible to add another week for him? And is there room next week? Please let me know”

Cathy M.

“I also just wanted to add a note to tell you how wonderful Mr. Chris is. Yesterday was Michael’s birthday and when he arrived the kids that were already there had made him some birthday cards. It really made this birthday very special for him. Michael has nothing but good things to say about his experience these past two weeks”

Donna C.

“How can we get this program into Pine Hill schools? Terrell used to HATE math and now he’s talking about being a math teacher. I don’t know what you all are doing over there but it WORKS!!! Please sign us up for next summer.”

Simone L.

“Jake’s teacher wanted to know what we did over the summer to assist Jake with math and science and I told him we sent him to Wow Science Camp. He noted that he has seen a remarkable difference in Jake’s level of interest and attentiveness in class. I think this is a compliment to your program. Thank you for putting together such a great program.”

Renay S.

“Thank you for continuing to provide financial assistance. There’s no way that my children would have been able to attend the program without the financial support.”

Crystal G.

“This is my children’s first year. They had reservations when they heard it was a Science Camp. I wanted them to attend to spark their interest in Science. When I saw the location near at home it was a blessing. We decided to try two weeks because of the cost. Thanks to a donor we were able to add an additional week. Our children are enjoying the camp. My teen gives scientific explanations for most topics we discuss. My son enjoys doing the experiments and he is learning Math and enjoying it. All of my expectations are being  met. The camp has been a blessing. Thank you.”

Ann T.

“Thanks so much for a great summer. Jeremy is already looking forward to seeing what you have for next summer!”

Sarah H.

“I can’t make the graduation today but wanted to take a moment to thank you for another great session. My kids loved every moment of it and could not wait to get to camp every morning. I learned more than I ever needed to know about the life of insects and the inventions of Rube Goldberg. Please keep up the good work.”

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