Summer Camp

Dive into a summer of STEM wonders and robotic adventures!



Dive into a summer of STEM wonders and robotic adventures! Two action-packed weeks, two distinct themes, and exciting destinations await your K-8 camper. Don't miss out—secure your spot now for an immersive journey into excellence in 2024!

Calling all future scientists and engineers! Sign up for our STEM and robotics camps and dive into two weeks of hands-on activities, unique themes, and exciting destinations. Don't wait—secure their spot today! Click Below to register.

June 17-21 Light & Optics Smart Ball/Robotics iFly Zone (Come and Experience the captivating sensation of your own gravitational pull!)
June 24-28 Take Flight Wearable Gadget The Challenger (Be an Astronaut for a day!)

Technology Camp Description

Smart Ball/ Robotics June 17-21 Join our one-week summer camp with Sphero and robotics, where children will be immersed in age-appropriate groups to explore coding, problem-solving, and teamwork. Command your own Lego-powered robot. From Lego Story Starter to Simple Machines, EV3 Mindstorms and Tetrix. Campers will have an opportunity to bring their imaginations to life through many fun projects and experiments. Build Hydraulic Robotic Arm: and more let's Put Pascal's Principle into play. Campers can enhance their coding skills by programming intricate maneuvers and commands, fostering a deeper understanding of technology. Additionally, they can engage in collaborative and creative play, promoting teamwork and problem-solving as they navigate the Smartball through various challenges. Additional equipment replacement of $20 K-8 Grade
Wearable Gadgets: Circuits and Electricity: June 24-28 One of the strengths of our program—taking complex science concepts and breaking them down in a manner that kids will understand and enjoy—will be on full display in this session. Campers will have a BLAST experimenting with the four basic parts of a circuit - an energy source (AC or DC), a conductor, an electrical load (device), and a controller. Starting with snap-circuits and batteries, they will create functioning gadgets using the knowledge they will gain in the program. K-8 Grade

Summer Camp Description

June 17- 21 Light & Optics This theme explores the topic of light and optics. Light is visually perceived radiant energy. It is what energizes our visual system. Light reflected from objects into our eyes enables us to see. Optics is the science of light. It's the study of how light behaves and interacts with matter. Campers will conduct many fun, age-appropriate projects as they explore hands-on this important topic. They will learn that energy can take one of two forms: matter and light (called electromagnetic radiation). Light is energy in the form of either a particle or a wave that can travel through space and some kinds of matter. They will encounter such concepts as light waves, microwave, lenses, concave lenses, convex lenses, gamma rays, light sources, light speed, reflection, refraction, and wavelength. If these terms seem confusing, you understand why we promote hands-on learning. The concepts are much easier to grasp when seen and applied than just being told about them! Your child will join us in spreading the light of knowledge after this activity-rich session. K-8 Grade
June 24-28 Take Flight Our overarching theme for 2024 is 'Life in Space,' and the ability to explore space would have been impossible without the concept of flight. Throughout various enjoyable projects, this theme delves into the principles of flight, such as lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Campers will engage in several exciting projects related to this theme, which they can also replicate at home. Our upcoming field trip provides a unique opportunity to experience gravity firsthand. For K-8, campers are placed in age- appropriate classes. Don’t miss out! JOIN US! K-8 Grade