Camp Director Day Program


  • Director
  • Camper Director
  • Staff Director
  • Operations Director

Qualifications – Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum age of 21; Camp Director must be 25 or older
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, Camp, Recreation, Leisure Studies, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, Business, Psychology or another related degree; certain exceptions may be made by the Director for extensive relevant experience
  • Three summers of administrative or supervisory experience in a day camp; experience directly with children is preferred
  • Ability to creatively plan programs and activities, to schedule staff and facilities
  • Ability to work with children; high-energy level for participation
  • Ability to work well with others and to pitch in when others need help – be a team player
  • Ability to act as a role model, to instill a positive self-image in others
  • Ability to connect others to the world, to make them feel that they belong
  • Ability to relate to and work with other staff members of varied backgrounds
  • Ability to accept and respond to supervision and guidance, as well as to give it
  • Ability to work well with parents in all kinds of situations
  • Good moral character: motivated, responsible, flexible, trustworthy, selfless, desire to learn
  • Must have a sense of humor, creativity, patience, enthusiasm, self-control, strong work ethic
  • Relevant skills, certification, and/or training in the area of employment; education or practical training necessary for licensing and current certification
  • Current CPR-pro and Responding to Emergencies first aid certifications are required
  • Non-smoker (smoking is not permitted on campgrounds)
  • Notification from the Department of Social Services State Central Register of Abuse and Maltreatment that the Director has not been the subject of an investigation report
  • Submission of the Prospective Children’s Camp Director Certified Statement Relative to the Conviction of a Crime or the Existence of a Pending Criminal Action form, and determination by the local permit-issuing official that the camp director has no criminal conviction record

Immediate Supervisor/Responsible To:

  • Peter & Fola Adebi

General Responsibilities:

  • Guide the workings of camp for staff and campers
  • Manage all staff members in a way that encourages positive results and self-growth
  • Maintain and promote the health, safety, and well-being of all the people at camp
  • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and ACA standards
  • Follow, and encourage others to follow, all camp rules and policies
  • Assist campers and staff in developing an appreciation of the natural world
  • Adapt to new situations and sudden changes or problems
  • Create, plan, run, and participate in various meetings, activities, and programs, such as staff meetings, staff training, or evening activities
  • During staff orientation, participate where relevant and organize specific assigned areas
  • Monitor and approve purchases for areas under your supervision
  • Other duties (including off-season) as assigned by Wow Science Leadership (camper recruiting, staff recruiting, program creation, administrative, etc.); maybe off-season

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Director
    • Oversee and coordinate all-year-round administrative tasks
    • Assign duties to and oversee the work of the Camper, Staff, and Operations Directors
    • Regularly provide feedback to the Camper, Staff, and Operations Directors
    • Respond to high-level parent needs
    • Handle all public relations inquiries
    • Know what’s going on in all areas of camp and how each area affects the others
    • Contact the Health Department within 24 hours for all applicable reporting needs as alerted by the Health Center or camp supervisors.
  • Camper Director
    • Assign duties to and oversee the work of the Division Leaders, Boys and Girls Camp Moms, and Health Center Staff
    • Regularly provide feedback to and mentor the above people
    • Act as a resource for camper issues
    • Respond to high-level camper needs, including camper housing assignments
    • Work with the Staff Director to address staffing issues affecting campers, including housing assignments for staff
    • Coordinate all Lost Camper drills and searches, fire drills and evacuations, etc.
  • Staff Director
    • Create and oversee materials/programs to meet all staff-member training needs
    • Assign duties to and oversee the work of the Staff
    • Regularly provide feedback to and mentor the above people
    • Act as a resource for staff issues
    • Respond to high-level staff needs
    • Oversee compliance with ACA Standards; work with the Director on documentation in coordination with Health Department and licensing regulations
    • Oversee all aspects of the program
      • Camp Calendar creation, including guest speakers and trips and others
        • Work with the Operations Director to coordinate transportation
      • Activity Schedules for each group
      • Oversee regulatory compliance; work on documentation with the Staff Director
    • Oversee the hiring of year-round staff with approval; hire buses/drivers

Essential Functions:

  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate and work with other staff members
  • Commitment to fellow staff members. Commitment to camper physical and emotional safety
  • Visual and hearing ability to identify and respond to dangers or emergencies
  • Physical ability to respond to situations requiring first aid or other rapid attention
  • Physical strength, endurance, and patience to maintain constant activity

Position is full-time position is available in Delaware