High School Volunteers/College Interns

High School Volunteers/ College Interns

Wow Science is a nonprofit organization that gives every child an opportunity to be curious and excited about Stem.  Wow Science works with K-8 schools sparking, cultivating and promoting children’s interest in STEM.. Since the inception of Wow Science 2010, over 2000 children have experienced STEM  and inspired to go into STEM fields.


Wow Science provides students with inspiring education opportunities that focuses on STEM education. Our leaders are passionate and creative people who believe in the mission: Our mission is to spark, cultivate and promote children’s interest in STEM

  • A passion and skill for building hands-on projects with kids
  • Knowledgeable in various sciences
  • Ability to co-create after-school programs activities using technology as an enabler.
  • Personable, friendly, reliable, committed, focused and communicative
  • Previous experience working with children ages 5-14
  • Background checks is a must.
  • Education majors a plus!
  • Most important, the belief that every student can learn and love math and science


  • Currently a junior or senior in high school.
  • Must have experience or skill in utilizing and teaching with technology
  • Excellent group facilitation and youth group management
  • Good communication skills and ability to work collaboratively
  • Must have a commitment to work from a youth development perspective
  • Previous experience working with youth.
  • Must be interested in technology or STEAM field
  • Must be interested in using new technology in learning environments
  • Preference for applicants interested in education, STEAM field.